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Find your off switch

Experience the perfect escape. Get better sleep, reduce stress and unlock a happier, healthier you

Personalized audio and coaching proven to help you unwind and sleep better

  • Experience less stress

  • Get better sleep

  • Enjoy more restful travel

Intelligent headphones designed for complete comfort

  • The pinnacle of headphone comfort

    Patented, ventilated earcups mold to your head and encourage airflow to keep you cool and comfortable

  • Intelligent audio that adapts to you

    Let sensors detect if you fall asleep, gently fading out your audio then introducing white noise designed to mask out disturbances

  • Personalised guidance, not generic advice

    Discover CBT based coaching, developed by sleep scientists proven to help improve your sleep and relaxation. Explore your sleep tracking dashboard and benefit from guidance tailored to you

  • On-demand specialist library

    Create your perfect wind down. Access a toolkit of validated exercises, meditations, binaural audio, soundscapes and music created by experts and artists

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Hear from our customers how they use Kokoon and the Kokoon Relax mobile app to help them switch off, relax, sleep, travel and much more.

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Begin your journey of improvement, gain new control of your sleep, reduce stress and discover the benefits of better down time on your health and wellness

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  • Reduced Stress


  • Smoother Travel


Discover your potential

Transform yourself through better sleep and down time

Create your Kokoon

Mask out traffic, snoring or loud breathing to ensure you get the calm you need. Kokoon noise reduction technologies help you create that perfect sanctuary.

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