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  • Dedicated support team

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Audio: the answer to sleep and relaxation

Audio is the natural way to relax and proven to be effective in clinical studies. Sleep Scientists helped create the Kokoon audio library and when you combine it with Kokoon Headphones, it's the perfect peaceful escape, wherever you are.

  • Sleep Exercises
  • Soundscapes
  • Relaxing Music

The Kokoon experience. Tailored to you.

What works to help you sleep and unwind is personal. There is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to your relaxation. Kokoon works with you, your body and your environment to create a personalized relaxation experience using audio.

  • Step 01

    Put on your Kokoon headphones and choose your audio

  • Step 02

    As you relax and sleep, your audio adjusts to ensure you're not disturbed

  • Step 03

    Using your sensor data, Kokoon learns what works and customises your experience

Designed for ultimate comfort

Kokoon headphones are designed for your comfort and tested with customers all over the world.

Ventilated ear-cups made from soft silicone mold to the shape of your head. Soft fabric coverings are removable and can be washed. The sensors in the headphones are mounted in silicone so soft, you won't even feel them.

Triple layered disturbance protection

Whether it's a snoring partner, loud neighbors, or the sound of plane engines, noise often interferes with relaxation and sleep.

Kokoon headphones and app work together to prevent disturbances intelligently. The headphones feature Active Noise Cancellation and passive noise isolation, whilst the app and sensors detect you falling asleep and introduce white noise to help block any unwanted sounds.

Sensors monitor your relaxation

Kokoon use sensors and machine learning to bring intelligence to your audio. Our sensors monitor both how effective your audio was for helping you switch off, but also how well you slept when you wear the headphones through the night.

  • EEG Brainwave sensors
  • Motion sensing
  • Disturbance sensing

Learn what works for you

Over time, Kokoon learns what the best audio is to help you sleep. The app will make recommendations for the sorts of techniques that are most effective for you, to help you get the rest you need.

  • Understand how you slept
  • Track improvements
  • Get personalised recommendations

Product Specification

  • Dimensions

    159 x 179 x 94 mm

    6.3 x 7 x 3.7 inch


  • Connectivity

    Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

    3.5mm audio cable

    Micro USB charging

  • Sleep Tracking

    EEG brainwave sensors

    Motion sensing

    No preparation required

  • Battery

    500mAh Capacity

    Lithium-ion technology

    13+ hour battery life

  • Disturbance Protection

    Active Noise Cancellation

    Active White Noise

    Passive noise isolation

  • Materials

    Silicone ear cups

    Natural fibre fabrics

    No animal products

  • Premium Audio

    32ohm drivers

    40mm driver

    Environment adaptation

  • Other Features

    In-Line microphone


    Washable ear cushions