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Kokoon NightBuds now in Canada!

London-based sleep technology startup Kokoon, are releasing their latest sleep innovation, Nightbuds, which’ll be on general sale via their website, kokoon.io and via select retailers on 1st December 2021. 
Nightbuds recently won the acclaimed 2021 Red Dot Product Design Award and are the follow-up product to Kokoon’s popular Relax headphones, launched in 2018, which have helped over a million sleeps so far. With pre-orders from over 13,000 customers nightbuds broke the sleep product record on IndieGoGo 
At less than 6mm thick Nightbuds are the thinnest Bluetooth earbuds in the world, designed for all-night-long comfort in bed. The tiny buds feature sleep sensors which work with Kokoon’s app, MyKokoon to automatically tailor your audio to your sleep. 
A complete sleep solution Nightbuds helps wearers fall asleep easier, protect sleep from disturbances and take the right steps to improve their sleep. Whether it’s a busy mind keeping them up, a snoring partner, noisy new-born, or just a desire to get better quality sleep; Nightbuds make getting great sleep easier for all.
 Nightbuds are designed to be slim enough to be worn throughout the night for all sleeping positions, including side sleeping. Their patent-pending design relocates the electronics from the sensitive in-ear region to a region behind the head, typically not felt while lying in bed. This enables the smallest possible profile in the ear and all-night-long comfort. Designed as a complete sleep solution, Nightbuds help wearers fall asleep more easily, protect sleep from disturbances and take the necessary steps to improve the quality of sleep.   
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