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  • 2-year warranty
  • Dedicated support team
  • 2-year warranty
  • Dedicated support team
Relax Headphones Relax Headphones Relax Headphones Relax Headphones Relax Headphones Relax Headphones Relax Headphones Relax Headphones Relax Headphones
  • Relax Headphones
  • Relax Headphones
  • Relax Headphones
  • Relax Headphones
  • Relax Headphones
  • Relax Headphones
  • Relax Headphones
  • Relax Headphones
  • Relax Headphones

Shipped in 5-7 days Delivered in 2-4 days

Ready to escape?

Find your off switch with Kokoon's Relax Headphones. Tap into a more relaxed you.

Watch the film

Designed for ultimate comfort

Natural fabrics & a sleek design keep you cool & comfortable all night long.

Mask unwanted noise

With Active Noise Cancellation, white noise & noise isolation.

Science-backed sleep sensing

Tracks EEG Brainwaves and senses motion.

Personalised insights

MyKokoon will learn what works best for your relaxation and give you personalised insights to help you improve

Enjoy rich integrations and curated playlists from your favourite audio apps

and more!

Designed for ultimate comfort

Comfort, design and tech you'll love wearing.

Flexmould Comfort

Our patented design moulds to your shape.

100% breathable

Airflow through the ear cups keep you cool and comfortable.

Natural fabrics

We only use high-quality and durable natural fibre fabrics.

Washable ear cushions

Detachable and washable to keep your headphones fresh and clean.


Disturbance protection

Active Noise Cancellation

We use Active Noise Cancellation technology to reduce background noise. Whether it's pressing pause on a noisy plane or train, loud neighbours or a busy cafe - we've got it covered.

Noise isolation

Our patent-pending audio seal works to stop external noise travelling through the headphones into your ears.

Active white noise

Active white noise specifically designed to mask disturbances, helps protect your sleep.


Smart sensors take care of your sleep and relaxation

Sleep-monitoring sensors

Discrete sensors measure your sleep and relaxation to find personalised ways to improve your shut eye.

Adaptive Audio

Kokoon’s technology fades your audio if you fall asleep, to make sure you’re not disturbed.

MyKokoon App

Your sleep insights

With your very own sleep and relaxation audio experience, you'll get the insights needed to keep you sleeping soundly.

The MyKokoon App

Developed with sleep scientists, the MyKokoon app works with your Nightbuds and Relax Headphones to help you sleep soundly, night after night.

Our sleep audio

Enjoy sounds created to help you get quality sleep. Choose from meditations, soundscapes, binaural beats and more.

Your audio, tailored for sleep

Use the app to listen to your favourite relaxation audio from Spotify to podcasts. The app will fade your audio and play white noise to mask disturbances as you fall asleep.

Personalised sleep insights

You can see what audio and techniques work for you, with personalised insights, guidance and recommended content.

Binaural soundscapes

Optimised specifically for Nightbuds, our binaural soundscapes welcome you to get lost in an immersive sound experience.

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Over 30,000 people use Kokoon to help them switch off, relax and sleep better.


What they say

"I have been using my Kokoon headphones now for three to four years and I sleep in them every single night! The headphones are also so comfortable compared to many other headphones designed and believe me I have tried a few."


"I was at my wits end about being woken by the slightest outside noise. Since using Kokoon, I have slept really well with them every night, no exception. My deep sleep is improving by the day."


"I have always struggled to get off to sleep and have tried everything. These headphones are the only thing that have worked. They've helped me get off to sleep so much more consistently that now I panic if I have forgotten to take them with me."


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Loved by:

“They really work... a valid ally for sleep”

“Make drifting off a breeze”

“Sound asleep takes on a new meaning”

“Sweet dreams are of made of these”

The Kokoon experience

Your steps to an immersive experience

Kokoon works with you to create a personalised sleep and relaxation experience.

Step 01

Put your Kokoons on and choose your audio.

Step 02

As you relax and fall asleep, Kokoon will adjust the audio to ensure you’re not disturbed.

Step 03

Using your sensor data, Kokoon learns what works and customises your experience.

Product specifications


159 x 179 x 94 mm
6.3 x 7 x 3.7 inch


500mAh Capacity
Lithium-ion technology
13+ hour battery life


Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
3.5mm audio cable
Micro USB charging

Sleep Tracker

EEG brainwave sensors
Motion sensing
No preparation required

Disturbance Protection

Active Noise Cancellation
Active White Noise
Passive noise isolation


Silicone ear cups
Natural fibre fabrics
No animal products

Other features

In-Line microphone
Washable ear cushions

Premium audio

32ohm drivers
40mm driver
Environment adaptation

What’s included in the box

  • Kokoon headphones
  • Premium carry case for your travel needs
  • Kokoon eye mask
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Micro USB charging cable

Wake up your best self

Better days begin with better nights.

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